Kind of Famous

Our small town recently got a Trader Joe’s Supermarket (TJ’s for short).  It’s kind of a big deal.  My son, TJ, went four times in the first three days it was opened.  Each time he went they gave him a reusable bag that says TJ’s on it, a sticker that says I love TJ’s, and free popcorn.

After four trips of browsing through aisles of specialty snacks, organic dried fruits, and delicate pastries, my son picked out a jar of barbeque sauce.  He bought it because it was called TJ’s special sauce.  It gave a whole new meaning to Store Brand.

This afternoon we drove past the store and TJ matter-of-factly made an announcement from the back seat.

“It’s kind of cool that I’m famous.”

“What?”  I responded, completely clueless to what he meant. 

“You know,”  he insisted, “since there is a store named after me.”

I didn’t need to say anything, because his big sister was all over it.

“You are not famous,”  she said with her nose in the air.

“Really,” TJ responded, “then why is my name on A SAUCE.”

His sister and I were both speechless.  How do you argue with the Sauce?

There is something oddly amazing about seeing your name on things.  Even when you know that millions of other people have the same name.  It almost feels like somebody remembers you, like every time they pour the sauce they continue to remember you.  It’s kind of a big deal.

God says our names are written in palm of his hand. 

In the Old Testament, there are these moments when the words in black simply read “and God remembered ____ (insert name here).” It was not as though He had forgotten them, it was as though in that moment God was beginning to build their legacy, to restore their lives, to fulfill the promises He made to them . . .to write their name on a Sauce. 

He remembered Abraham and spared his nephew while preparing a land for him.  He remembered Rachel and gave her children.  When the Israelites had lost hope in the Egypt, He remembered them and brought them out.  He remembered according to His mercies and promises.  It was kind of a big deal.

I may never find a sauce named after me (though I do think Olivia’s Olive Tapinade sounds spectacular), but I will always find my name in the hand of God.  When I am storm-tossed and without comfort, distressed and full of fear,  when I do not remember where I have come from or where I am going, when all my words have failed, there is still one thing to say.  In all my desperations, I need just one prayer.

Remember Me.