Lost and Found on WordPress

I admit it, I check my blog stats almost daily.  I count my hits (I average 3 a day), check for new email subscribers (I am up to 11), I scan the list of what people are reading (a post or two).  All of this only confirms I in fact am not at all famous, which really does not at all bother me.  But, there is one stat that is a bit bothersome.

The feature “search engine terms” tells me how many times google or bing or yahoo have sent me traffic.  It also specifies the exact term used to take the poor searcher on the rabbit trail which is my blog.  For bloggers who get more than three hits a day, I am sure this is perfectly pertinent information.  For me, it is the  kind of information that rumors are made of.

I can only imagine who typed in “kinky crosstraining,”  or how disappointed they were when they got a blog about Jesus.  I am horrified by the images flashing through my mind when I try to envision the person who entered “unitard — scarlet,”  and I am sure that the searcher found the same kind of horror when they had to imagine me in a leopard print one.  I wonder how desperate  was the searcher who typed “grocery store voyeur.”  I have no clue what they hoped to find, but I am fairly confident that it wasn’t me. 

At best, it is creepy to know that the person who googled “repercussions of cafeteria food”  found me.  Yet nothing makes my skin pimple more than when I see the term “Olivia Klinkner.”  I know then that someone out there is looking for me.  Somebody wants to know who I am, or where I am, or what I am doing.  I find myself longing to know who they are, and why they are looking for me.  A candid person, I want the opportunity to talk to them face to face, to answer any questions they have.  I want to be found.

For all of humanity the search for a deity, the desire to find God has led many men on many rabbit trails.  Men have trekked through deserts, sat in confessionals, eaten poison under purple blankets all in hopes of finding God.  Rituals, recitations, and religious requirements have proclaimed to allow access to a higher being.  God says it just isn’t that complicated.  God wants to be found. 

I do not need the secret ninja password,  “pet rat bruised toe”,  to hear His voice.  I need to be quiet.  He is in the whispering winds.

I do not need some desperate confession, “she split her pants”,  to experience His presence.  I need to be still.  He IS.

I don’t need the air traffic controller code ,”bike hike trail voyeur spandex”, to walk with Him. I need to look down.  His arms are underneath me, carrying me.   

I don’t have to fix all of my problems, “foot stink,”  to stay with Him.  I need to love Him.  I am His.

I don’t even have to know all the answers, “how contentment can be measured?,”  to believe in Him.  I just need a mustard seed.  He will move the mountains.

Why “spandex in school,”  is how people find me will remain a deep mystery.   Finding God is much less mysterious.  God wants to be found.  No search engine required.

* in case you were wondering: Yes!  all terms in quotes are really terms used to find my blog *