Dr. Phil Made Me Do It (Google was Just a Co-Conspirator)

Yesterday Dr Phil aired a two-part series on Pastors who lead secret lives.  I, not usually a follower of his show, found myself glued to the television. Firstly because I am married to a Pastor, and secondly because it seemed like a good excuse not to fold the laundry.  As Dr. Phil closed the show with an encouragement to come clean, I ran to the computer and immediately googled my husband’s name.  Unfortunately (and unbeknownst)  to me, my computer keeps record of recent searches and automatically posts them at the next log-in.

My husband came home from work late last night and went to check his email.  He apparently knows about the “recent searches” list because he saw right away that I Googled him.  He confronted me this morning, but the more I explained the worse it got.  I tried to justify my actions by blaming Dr. Phil and insisting that all good wives Google their husbands.  He wasn’t buying any of it.  He ended the argument with one question:  “and what did you find?”

My answer:  our church website.

Apparently my husbands deeds, good or bad, are not Google worthy.  He has not gone viral.  He hasn’t even gotten LinkedIn.  Forget a secret life, according to Google he barely exists.

In the years that King Hezekiah ruled over Israel there were two prophets sent by God.  Both gave messages of certain judgment if the people of God did not repent and acknowledge Him once more.  The book of Kings recalls these events but only mentions one of those prophets: the prophet Isaiah.  The other, Micah, is left out of the historic account.  Ironically, the people ignored Isaiah’s pleading but they heard and heeded the words of Micah . . . and they experienced prosperity instead of wrath. A hundred years later Jeremiah found himself in prison and faced execution for again warning of imminent doom.  In hopes of sparing his life he reminded his accusers of the prophet Micah and how an entire nation experienced forgiveness and blessings because of him.

Micah did not make the historical account, but he certainly changed history.

Google may not see  your life as search worthy.  Or maybe you are just lost in match #136,459.  That does not mean that you are not changing history every day.  Micah proves that a life lived unto God will leave a legacy that will endure long past today’s Hot Picks.

For God is not unjust to forget your work and labor of love which you have shown toward His name, in that you have ministered to the saints, and do minister. Hebrews 6:10