Get New Dogs, But Keep the Old

  Taking into consideration my two kids, four jobs, 1 dog, beta fish, and husband who is home every other Saturday; I decided what I really needed was another dog.  Because nothing brings peace to chaos like… Continue reading

Relaying the Message

Before the Adidas Oscillation and Nike Lunar, before the New Balance Minimus and Vibram five-fingered, before roll bars and gel heels; there were just Keds.  They came in thousands of color combinations and all the cool kids wore… Continue reading

Oooooh! Bama.

For those of you not stalking the First Lady; Michelle Obama spent the past few days in the small town of Corvallis, Oregon.  My town.  She was not drawn here by our world-famous… Continue reading

Dog Gone It: Love One Another!

I am trying to adopt a dog from the Weimaraner Rescue.  Having already adopted one dog from them, I was a bit surprised that I have to again go through their screening process. … Continue reading

Thirty-One and Milking It

Yesterday I turned 31.  I can now officially say that I am “thirty something.”  So when someone asks my age I can wink and say, “thirty . . . something.”  My coyness will make… Continue reading

Hope De”feet”ed

                  My feet are not my finest feature. Best described as what might happen if Fred Flinstone and Barbie reproduced; they are as wide as they are… Continue reading

Reflecting on Nine Years and Coming Up Blonde

James,the half-brother of Jesus, wrote that if you are a hearer of the Word and not a doer it is like a man who looks at himself in the mirror and walks away… Continue reading

Dr. Phil Made Me Do It (Google was Just a Co-Conspirator)

Yesterday Dr Phil aired a two-part series on Pastors who lead secret lives.  I, not usually a follower of his show, found myself glued to the television. Firstly because I am married to a Pastor,… Continue reading

Aint No Berry Like an Oregon Berry

  For $6.99 I can hit the big box store and get three pounds of oversized strawberries.  Shiny and red on the outside, their deception lies in the first bite when the red skin gives… Continue reading

Jesus Loves You (Garbage) Man!

  The city I live in did not make the most recent list of “green cities.” My Facebook page was plastered with posts from concerned citizens.  We made the list for “safest,”  “friendliest… Continue reading

Thinking Outside the Box

As a child I went through a cat phase.  It started at age two with a Garfield Halloween costume.  It ended around twenty when my (then new) husband refused to move my stuffed cat… Continue reading

Sticking my Fork in my Mouth (when I should have used my foot)

Today at noon I headed to Hewlette Packard  to teach boot camp to my engineers (and might-as-well-be engineers).  Most days, while we workout, another group from the firm trade in their Chinos and Polos for swim trunks in order to play… Continue reading

Chiming In

I’m not really a big fan of Elementary School “concerts.”  My distaste started in first grade when my class sang Zippa Dee Doo Dah while wearing bluebird masks.  Something about a bluebird on my shoulder,… Continue reading

It’s Just Like Riding a Bike

My seven-year-old son still can’t ride a bike.  A huge parenting failure, especially considering I teach spin and keep cycling a regular part of my own fitness regimen.   My real mistake was making his first set of wheels… Continue reading

For Shawna

For me, the joy of trail running is in the hills; the burning of my quads as my feet push forward at a deceptively slow pace; the battle between the body screaming to quit and the will… Continue reading

Is God Making a Mean Face at Me?

My son’s first baseball team had all the makings of the Bad News Bears.  Minus the happy ending.  I knew something was off at his very first game.  The opposing team lined up… Continue reading

Check Me, Checking You Out

There are few things in life more awkward than a chatty checker.  At the end of a terrible day, I hit the grocery store to buy some basic necessities.  I filled my hand… Continue reading

Waiting to Inhale {Holy (cow) Week Day 7}

I used to think that Quiet Time was when a good Christian sat down with a cup of tea and a bible to spend “quality time with God.”  Now that I have children, Quiet Time has… Continue reading

Finding Pleasure in Pain {Holy (cow) Week Day 6}

At six weeks old my daughter got a urinary tract infection that went septic.  Her only symptom was a fever (I would have called her relentless blood curdling screams a symptom — but… Continue reading

Finding My Sparkle Again {Holy (cow) Week Day 5}

The last few months has brought a series of difficult things for my family. Nothing tragic, just hard.  The first month I remained strong and faithful and optimistic about it all.  The second month… Continue reading