Textual Healing

My husband and I cannot agree on the proper use of text messaging. I think that text messages should remain purely informational.  Honey, we are out of milk. OR  BTW (by the way), no… Continue reading

my life according to Google

According to Google, I have too much time on my hands. I don’t recall the last time I slept more than six hours in one night.  I scarcely remember the last time my… Continue reading

Another Blog About Pickles

Yesterday,  a friend told me about some girls who picked on her in elementary school.  They would steal her Susie Q snack cake out of her lunch box every day.  Her mom, having enough of… Continue reading

Runner’s Block

I am sitting on a block of ice, and I am not ashamed. April marks the beginning of racing season.   That time when I move from the realm of building and training into… Continue reading

Call Me Sasquatch

Every morning, a t 3:30 am, I hit the off button on my alarm clock and the Stage Left light turns on.  Truly all my world is a stage, and the director is always yelling to… Continue reading

A Short Rant on Things That Are Bugging Me

The Health Club I work for just started carrying “energy chews.”  They taste like a Starburst laced with cheap protein powder.  I gagged on one, and then read the ingredients.  Along with a… Continue reading

EIGHTY-ONE! Hats off to you.

Last Thursday my Better Bones and Balance class abandoned our normal regimen to celebrate a birthday.  Shirley, a faithful participant, was turning 81. Having 10-15 years on everyone else in the class, Shirley does… Continue reading

Kindergarten Confessions

Last Thursday was pancake day in the school lunchroom.  My son, TJ, not only begged to have hot lunch that day, but also insisted that his dad come and have pancakes with him.  Always willing to… Continue reading

Kind of Famous

Our small town recently got a Trader Joe’s Supermarket (TJ’s for short).  It’s kind of a big deal.  My son, TJ, went four times in the first three days it was opened.  Each time he went… Continue reading

Don’t Forget to Count the Babies

 As children we loved them : the excitement and chaos, the running on the football field knowing our teachers had no control.  As adolescence we hated them:  they were the reason that the hottest boys in eighth-grade saw us in… Continue reading

There is nothing to fear, but the sound of splitting seams

I taught at a youth camp this weekend, and in the process admitted something I thought I  never would about my greatest fear.  Since then, I have witnessed two people live out that fear,… Continue reading

it’s a dog’s life

I used to run on the days I felt like it, as far as my legs stuck with me, wherever my car was parked.  Now I run everyday, at least five miles, and… Continue reading

What’s Love Got to Do with It . . . and I don’t mean the song

The first time I ever taught a cycle class, it was completely by default.  The scheduled instructor failed to show up and I was the only one around that was qualified to teach it (Qualified meaning on the payroll).  … Continue reading

Do Pandas like Pickles? And Other Things I forgot to Ask.

My son, TJ, hovers somewhere between scary smart and just scary.  There are moments that my pride swells and I stand assured that I have a future nuclear engineer or rocket scientist on… Continue reading

Confessions of a Grocery Store Voyeur

So here is my confession:  I AM A GROCERY STORE VOYEUR! Beware that if you are with me in the checkout, I am admiring your purchases and passing judgments.  If you are buying… Continue reading

Scratch and Sniff Resolution

The first time Jason and I ever went to the DrugStore together, I lost him for almost half an hour. Frustrated and in a panic, I finally found him on the Deodorant aisle.… Continue reading

If the Christmas Tree Falls, and Nobody is Home, Does Silent Night Stop Playing?

Our first year of marriage, Jason did not want to get a Christmas Tree. It wasn’t a Bah Humbugh attitude so much as a practical perspective. A tree did not survive the monthly… Continue reading

If the Cat has Your Tongue, Then the Dog Must have His Tail

There I lay, scantily clothed and trembling. The younger of my two nurses scrubbed me from head to toe with Brillo pads and acids (okay so it was sponges and antiseptic . .… Continue reading

Exercise is Like Underwear, and I’m Not Wearing Any

Every year, Jason’s mom sent him underwear for Christmas. A fact I did not know until we were already married. A fact I discovered when a little brown package arrived on our doorstep… Continue reading


Every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7:30 am, I unlock the doors of Chinitmini Senior Center, shove a mat in the the threshhold of the mulitpurpose room to ensure access, and begin to… Continue reading